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Welcome to Incubate.Trade – The Trading Journal of Algo Traders.

Welcome to the Revolution in Trading Strategy!

Embark on an unprecedented journey with us as we build the largest database of forward-tested strategies on Earth. Our mission is clear: to empower traders with a system that transcends boundaries and works seamlessly with any platform featuring a WEBHOOK API system for delivering unmatched trading signals.

We’re not just testing strategies; we’re living them. From Tradingview to signal groups, and beyond, we’re exploring every signal out there.

There are no limits, only possibilities. The world is our playground, and we refuse to play by the old rules or be led astray.

Our Ambitious Roadmap:

JAN 2024

  • Launch of Beta exclusively for our Elite Backtesters.
  • Integration of Multi Take Profits for dynamic trading strategies.
  • Showcasing all strategies from our Elite Group – a treasure trove of wisdom.
  • ️ Dedicated focus on fixing any bugs for a flawless experience.
  • ‘View Only’ access opens for all users – a sneak peek into the future of trading.

FEB 2024

  • Elite Backtesters get exclusive access to Self-testing – both Public and Private*.
  • Initiating Copy Trading on Bybit with the finest settings – mirroring the success.

What’s Next:

  • Expanding our horizons by adding the capability to test signal groups.
  • Pioneering the Auto Trading realm via Trigger.Trade – the future at your fingertips.

Note: *Private tests for Elite Backtesters will operate on a credit basis to maintain database efficiency and integrity.

This is more than a platform; it’s a movement. A movement where every trader, from the rookie to the veteran, is equipped to make decisions that lead to triumph.

The future of trading is unfolding right before your eyes, and you are an integral part of this exciting narrative. Let’s set sail on this remarkable voyage together!

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