Precision Trend Mastery by @DaviddTech

1. Baseline Indicator
Selected Indicator: ALMA (Arnaud Legoux Moving Average)
Role: Serves as the primary trend indicator. A buy signal occurs when the price closes above ALMA, and a sell signal when it closes below.
2. Confirmation Indicator
Selected Indicator: Trendilo
Role: Provides secondary confirmation of the trend indicated by the baseline. Enter a trade only if Trendilo agrees with the ALMA direction (Trendilo turning green for buy, red for sell).
3. Volume/Volatility Indicator
Selected Indicator: Normalized Volume
Role: Assesses the strength and significance of market moves by comparing current volume to typical volume levels. High readings can confirm strong trends, while low readings might indicate weak or uncertain market moves.
4. Miscellaneous Indicator (Risk Management)
Selected Indicator: ATR (Average True Range)
Role: Crucial for setting stop losses and determining position size, especially important in managing the risks associated with the volatile cryptocurrency market. Set a stop loss at 1.5x the ATR from the entry point.
Trade Execution Strategy
Entry Signal:

Buy Trade: Enter when a candle closes above ALMA, Trendilo turns green, and Normalized Volume is high.
Sell Trade: Enter when a candle closes below ALMA, Trendilo turns red, and Normalized Volume is high.
Stop Loss:

Set the stop loss at 1.5x the ATR from the entry point.
Exit Strategy:

Exit the trade when the price closes on the opposite side of ALMA, or when Trendilo changes color, signaling a potential reversal.
Risk Management:

Adjust position sizes based on the ATR to maintain consistent risk per trade.
The ALMA offers a smoother trend following capability which can be effective in the 1-hour timeframe.
Trendilo, as a confirmation indicator, can provide clear visual cues for entry and exit points.
Normalized Volume adds an extra layer of confirmation by ensuring the moves are backed by substantial trading volume.
Regular review and adjustment of the strategy may be necessary to align with market changes.

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