AI (Neural network) X 🧠 by @DaviddTech 🤖

AI (Neural network) X 🧠 by @DaviddTech 🤖

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The “DIY AI” trading strategy allows traders to create their own AI neural network by selecting from a range of external indicators. The strategy is designed to automatically take trades based on certain criteria being met by the selected indicators.

Using the Strategy
To use the “DIY AI” strategy on TradingView, traders need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the Indicators

Select the desired indicators from the source inputs. These can include popular technical analysis tools such as moving averages, RSI, MACD, etc.
Indicators can be added or removed from the strategy based on the trader’s preference.
Step 2: Choose an Operator

Choose an operator, such as “greater than” or “less than”, to define the relationship between the indicator and the threshold value.
This operator is used to determine when a trade signal is generated based on the selected indicator.
Step 3: Assign Weights or Points to the Indicators

Assign a weight or point value to each selected indicator based on its relative importance.
The weight or point value is used to calculate the final score of the neural network.
Step 4: Generate Sign


The strategy automatically generates signals when the threshold value of the selected indicators is met.
Signals can be used to open and close trades based on the trader’s preferences.
Risk Management

Traders can set stop-loss and take-profit levels based on the average true range (ATR) or a percentage of the entry price.
Proper risk management techniques should be used to minimize potential losses.
Benefits of DIY AI Strategy

The strategy is customizable and flexible, allowing traders to build a personalized trading algorithm.
The use of artificial intelligence and neural networks can potentially improve the accuracy and efficiency of the trading signals generated by the strategy.
It is important to note that no trading strategy can guarantee profits, and traders should always use proper risk management techniques when trading.
AI (Neural network) X 🧠 by @DaviddTech 🤖 – Strategy by daviddtech

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