Become an Elite Backtester.

Build Backtesting Group


The ELITE BACKTESTER Group aims to collaboratively identify, test, and refine the most effective trading strategies, fostering a community of expert strategists.

What you have to win by participating:

  • Access to the group’s best settings for sessions you’re participating in
  • Earn Access to one other old setup after 2 participations
  • Recognition in Discord as part of the ELITE BACKTESTERS TRADERS
  • Opportunity to suggest improvements or changes to Davidd’s code
  • The #🤖│optimiser-results page will become exclusive to members of the “Elite Backtesters”

Participation Steps:

Begin as a recruit by applying through #🌟│elite-backtesters. Choose your strategy and preferred timeframe – remember, flexibility is key; you’re not bound to your initial selection.

As a recruit, you’ll gain entry to #🛡│elite-backtester-chat. Here, the exchange of insights flourishes, and you’ll get exclusive invites to our weekly strategy deep-dives via livestream.

Ready to level up? Send your optimized setups to @vladislavnmp via PM/DM. Consistent contributions unlock monthly access to the collective intelligence of our Elite Backtesters.

Prize draw:

  • Prize draw of $1000 shared for every session (Once every 5 weeks)
  • Winners get Free access to DaviddTech for every month you participate
  • Top members will get Recognition as Top Strategist of the Month
  • Your contribution may be featured in a Youtube video.
  • Points for the prize draw will be voted on by Davidd, Vlad, and William:
    • Most helpful members
    • Best settings found
    • Most settings found

FAQs Uncovered

    • Joining the Ranks: Optimize a Daviddtech strategy or a free indicator with Botify, send it to vladislavNMP, and you’re in.
    • Pro Tips: Leverage our Optimizer and its biweekly Monday stream at 1:00 PM UK time for insights. Stay updated with our Discord events tab.
    • Your Strategy Choices: Embrace freedom. Your initial recruit application isn’t set in stone.
    • Access to the Collective: Submit your strategy, and you’ll gain access at the start of the following month.
    • YouTube Features: All settings will be exclusively shared with Elites, unless featured in a YouTube video by Davidd. Davidd may use your settings with the intent of increasing the number of Elites and therefore increasing our chances of finding more settings.
    • Strategy Visibility: We showcase active strategies. If yours isn’t featured, it might be in the incubation phase or needs adjustment.
    • Incubation Explained: This is a vital cooldown period post-optimization to ensure your strategy stands the test of real-market conditions.
    • Avoiding Overfitting: Don’t fall for the mirage of past perfection. Ensure your strategy is robust enough to handle the unpredictability of future markets.
    • Collaborative Improvements: Found a way to enhance a peer’s strategy? Go for it! Just remember to credit them.
    📺 Stay Tuned: Don’t miss our Elite Backtesters stream every Tuesday at 1:30 PM UK time. Check our Discord events tab for updates.(edited)🚀13
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